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The amazing words from my amazing clients!

I HIGHLY recommend Planting Roots Birth Services for Placenta Encapsulations! Everything you see in my pictures I received from them. Super easy process turn around time was a day, my doula Destiniy Bullis dropped off everything in person with a smile!. I asked if she could keep me updated with the process and she did! All I had to do was ask the hospital for a release form I messaged Destiniy that the placenta was ready and she came right away. Such a positive experience with My first time encapsulated my placenta!

– Zulema C.

Destiniy is absolutely amazing! I was terrified of having a bad second delivery because of all of the complications I had with my first. She was there by my side the entire time, showing me positions to get into for speeding labor along, sharing personal experiences and information, she explained the entire birthing process and labor so I knew what to expect and how to breathe through the transition, she also helped me find my voice in saying how I wanted things done. She was so sweet and helpful and she caught beautiful photos of my son and us during the delivery!

– Ariel B.

I called her late at night, she answered right away and came to be by my side , helped with so many things and made me feel less overwhelmed and more in control of the situation 😍 If I have another child and I'm nearby I'll 1000% use Destiniy again!

– Recehlle S.

Destiniy was amazing in helping me set up my birth plan! She answered all my questions and brought up many things I hadn’t even thought of as a first time mom. I felt no judgement or pressure from her regarding natural or medicated birth, but instead she gave me facts and resources to help me make my own informed decisions on what I think is best for me and my baby. After walking through the birth plan together, she set it up into a quick and easy to read template that will be more convenient for the medical staff to go over. I would highly recommend her! Thank you, Destiniy for all your guidance and support!

– Kaley C.

Destiniy is an amazing doula! She genuinely cares and it shows in how helpful and personable she is. She has really helpful tools and techniques to help birth be an incredible experience no matter how you plan to do it. She is also very knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout pregnancy and postpartum. I highly recommend her.

– Nesha H.

Destiniy was amazing with communicating with me. I was suppose to meet with her on Sunday to discuss my birth plan, but we didn't get that far. I went into labor 10 weeks early and knew I needed to contact Destiniy to save my placenta. My husband called her for me while I went under. She was AMAZING to say the least. Our little boy came so unexpectedly, we didn't have anything ready. Destiniy dropped off lactation cookies and has been periodically checking to see how everything is going. I've had many questions regarding pumping since our son is in the NICU and she has been nothing short of WONDERFUL. Thank you so incredibly much Destiniy for the level of care you provide to us clients. I will forever be grateful for what you did for us.

– Sarah B.

Having Destiniy as part of my birth support team was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself for my 3rd birth. It was my first hospital birth and I had some anxiety but having her there, along with my husband, helped me feel more confidence and calm going into the birth. Destiniy was punctual & prepared at all of our prenatal meetings, showed great care and consideration of my needs, & was intentional in instilling confidence in me and my husband as we prepared for labor & birth. She has become a sweet friend and continued support during the postpartum period. Destiniy also beautifully captured moments of our birth that I will always cherish. We highly recommend her as a doula & birth photographer!

– Kelsey C.

I absolutely adore Destiny! She was there from start to finish of my labor. Very encouraging and very supportive. She worked with me in every way making sure I was comfortable and making sure I felt comfortable enough to advocate for myself and for how I wanted my birthing experience to go which was extremely important to me going in and being induced. She also helped me push through those extremely uncomfortable moments where i really just felt out of control of my body and self and when I gave I. And got an epidural which I didn’t want to do she didn’t make me feel like I had failed nor did she pressure me to do to go the natural route (though it ended up feeling all natural πŸ˜…) she held my hand and we went through the next hour with a bunch of tears and me screaming and her helping me avoid a heart attack πŸ˜‚. I would 100000% ask for her again if and prayerfully when I have another child. She captured such amazing moments which was actually a beautiful surprise for me and I’ll cherish these moments forever!

– Nechelle M.

Destiniy is amazing! She is the most genuine, compassionate and kind hearted person you will ever meet. She is knowledgeable in her field and goes above and beyond for her mamas! Choosing Destiniy as your doula will be the best decision you could ever make for yourself and your baby!

– Dominique G.

If you are looking for a doula I HIGHLY suggest Destiniy! I didn’t have a doula for my first birth and now after having one, specifically Destiniy, I would never not have one. She was a GODSEND. My baby was breech and she spent weeks and countless hours coming over to my house doing exercises with me to help her flip. My baby was stubborn and wouldn’t flip, so she came with me to the hospital when they tempted my version and was so supportive and positive however my birth turned out. It ended in a c section because baby would not flip, but she spent the entire day with my husband and I and never left out side. She will advocate for you, support you, and inform you of your choices. My husband was honestly hesitant to spend the money because he didn’t understand why we would need a doula, but he very quickly ate his words when he saw how involved Destiniy was. She started as my doula, but quickly became a friend who I still stay in contact with. She was amazing with my daughter and attentive to her as well. I could go on and on, but moral of the story is you will NOT be disappointed by hiring Destiniy to support you in your birth. I promise you.

– Kristen S.
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A beautiful print that went out to a mama today 😍
Birth is one of the most fierce, important, and profound experiences you’ll ever have. It truly requires you to embrace the unknown and welcome each wave with grace. Karla did just that. 

Thank you for allowing me within your birthing space and the honor of witnessing you bring your precious babe earthside. Welcome sweet rainbow baby. 🀍πŸ₯°
What an honor it is to be able to witness, and care for my friends during such a sacred time. 🀍 so proud of you @nataliecarter.doula 

Natalie sent me this text this morning β€œI felt so loved and supported during my labor. I am so grateful for that πŸ™πŸ’–β€ as a doula, that warms my heart SO much. Every woman deserves to feel held during her labor. It’s such a transformative experience. You really have to dig deep within, trust yourself and listen to your body. 

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You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb – Psalms 139:13

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