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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is an ancient tradition that has been used to support mothers during postpartum.

Mothers that have encapsulated their placenta have reported that it helped alleviate or avoid postpartum depression, or “baby blues,” increase in energy, as well as replenish iron lost during childbirth, enhance the appearance of hair, skin, and nails, assist in the establishment of a stable milk supply, and regulate postpartum hormones. 

Placenta encapsulation includes a dehydrated cord keepsake, and a placenta print image. Specific colors can be requested for prints. Placenta Salves can be used for perineal tears, or on cesarean scarring. 

When you go into labor, you will contact me to let me know you are in labor. After delivery I will come pick up your placenta, and take it home to prepare for encapsulation. After it is encapsulated I will deliver the capsules to you.

Additional placenta prints, tinctures, and salves can be added on for additional costs.

I offer placenta encapsulation for Fort Campbell Kentucky, Clarksville Tennessee, & Nashville Tennessee


Did You Know?

Mother’s who have done placenta encapsulation report increase in mood, energy, milk supply, and postpartum recovery.
Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation (includes encapsulation, cord keepsake & print): $250.00 – Clarksville Location 

$300.00 Nashville Location

Tincture add on cost: $25.00 

Additional Prints: $5.00 each 

Placenta Salve: $25.00 

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All packages are available for payment plan options. 
Placenta encapsulation is available in Clarksville Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee, & Fort Campbell Kentucky.  

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Moms birth bestie 🤍 Ottie-Lou attended her first births with mom this past week.
• September 2nd• Sweet baby Jude was born. Another precious babe to share a birthday with Kameron. 

One of the sweetest moments from my friend Casey’s birth that I’ll never forget is her looking to her husband and saying she was so happy that she was actually doing this. Casey is a first time mama & had her sweet boy at the birthing center. 🤍
This picture perfectly captures how I felt at this moment in labor. The exhaustion was setting in. I kept searching for different things to find comfort in. In this moment in time a cold rag on my face was what helped the most. 

📸: @photosbypaj 

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